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Risk Analyst

As a Risk Analyst at Proximities, you will work on unravelling complex geopolitical issues and translate these into operational action plans for our clients. As a Risk Analyst, take your skills to the next level whilst contributing to Proximities’ evolution and, in the process, safeguard our clients operating in challenging and often hostile environments.

What do we do at Proximities?

Proximities is the ultimate partner of Dutch businesses and the government in the field of risk, security, and intelligence. We advise Dutch companies and organisations on how to successfully navigate challenging geopolitical risks, as well as other, more specific intelligence and security issues.

We provide this support by compartmentalising external factors – politics, economics, socio-cultural and security – and internal organisational factors – people, assets, information, and reputation. By deploying our numerous and diverse sensors in these areas, we translate global risks into actionable solutions. This enables us to analyse and mitigate national and international security issues.

What can you expect as a Risk Analyst at Proximities?

Proximities employs experienced consultants who draw on their (military) intelligence backgrounds to advise our clients on the areas of risk, intelligence, and security. They are supported bt the analyst team, i.e., the A-team. The A-team also independently produces intelligence products for government and corporate clients.

The A-team collates, analyses, and concisely reports on information gathered from various sources. These sources comprise a broad palette of unique sensors within the open-source domain, through which, Proximities has acquired a leading position within the Netherlands. Moreover, as Risk Analyst, you will support the Project Managers by researching, monitoring, and preparing reports for various projects.

In addition, when an assignment is received, you and the Project Managers will brainstorm practical research methods and the appropriate sensors that can be deployed in order to achieve the research objective.

What are we looking for in a Risk Analyst?

We are looking for inquisitiveness and curiosity. Your job is to provide the client with unique insights and to determine, in agreement with the client and the Project Manager, what the clients’ needs are and what they require. In addition to interpreting the essence of an incident (the ‘What?’), you interpret the specific relevance for the client (‘So What?’), devise scenarios (‘What if?’), and advise concrete action (‘What now?’).

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Minimal requirements

  • University master’s degree (completed)
  • Experience in (intelligence) analysis and reporting
  • Work experience > 2 years
  • Excellent in Dutch wording and writing
  • Fluent in English wording and writing
  • Strongly developed social skills
  • Available 32-40 hours per week, of which at least 3 days a week in the office

Desired competencies

  • Independent
  • Proactive
  • Creative
  • Responsible
  • Flexible
  • Goal-oriented
  • Integrity

What do we offer?

A unique work environment in a young, reputable company conducting extraordinary projects. We aim to translate relevant and complex geopolitical issues into operational action plans for our clients. You will work with the newest techniques and extremely motivated and enthusiastic colleagues. We have an open organisation where everyone can be approached freely and openly.

Will you join the A-Team as a Risk Analyst?

Would you like to apply for this unique opportunity? Then send your resume and motivation letter (Dutch) to info@proximities.com.

What is the procedure?

If you meet the specified requirements, we would like to invite you for an interview at our office. If this interview is positive, you will be asked to complete a relevant research and reporting assignment. You can then come and present this at our office. If these three steps show that you are the Risk Analyst we are looking for, we look forward to working with you!

Are you interested, or do you have any additional questions?

Please feel free to contact:

Sylvia van Es - Manager of Business Support