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Why we exist
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Why Proximities exists

Navigating the geopolitical landscape

In the dynamic world of geopolitics, all organizations, regardless of their size, face powerful forces that can reshape their landscapes overnight. From unexpected global events like pandemics to subtle trade disputes and regional conflicts, the impact of global risks is undeniable.

Tangible solutions for global dynamics

In this intricate dance of nations and interests, organizations can no longer afford to be passive observers. Rather, they must recognize that these global dynamics can swiftly shape their fortunes or misfortunes. This is where Proximities comes into play: we translate the complex realm of global risks into actionable solutions.

We help you
mitigate risk

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All organizations are their people. It is of paramount importance that your people are protected from the risks we face today.

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Assets enable an organization to function, invest, and grow. Safeguarding assets has become a necessity, not a luxury.

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Securing information is essential to maintain customer trust, safeguard against breaches and liabilities, and enable long-term success.

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The reputation of an organization is crucial as it directly affects trust and confidence ofstakeholders and the public.

Global risks affect the safety of your people and your most important assets. They impact the security of information and could damage your reputation. Organizations must recognize that these risks shape their future.

The value of Proximities

Our approach to managing global risks

We look at the global risk landscape through a unique lens, using our special methodologies and sensors. By combining our intelligence capabilities and expertise, we can put your risks in perspective. And translate those perspectives into actionable solutions.

We help you navigate geopolitical challenges

We understand that geopolitical forces aren't abstract concepts. They translate into real-world consequences for your organization, affecting supply chains, markets, and strategies. We help you understand these challenges and develop new solutions. So you can navigate uncharted waters with confidence.

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