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Analyses & Consultancy

Proximities analyses your exposure and ambition and sets it off against the policies and measures already taken. We enhance your effectiveness abroad at all levels with our advice on how to improve your business operations regarding security related matters in foreign countries. Bespoke, hands-on advice provided by consultants with an operational background, translated into a solid plan of action and conducted in close coordination with our clients, separates Proximities from its peers. Proximities enables!

Training & Instruction

Proximities provides training for frequent travelers, crisis management teams (to be established or already seasoned) and executive board members in order to be prepared for situations that can and will occur when doing business abroad. By training your staff you give substance to your duty of care. Our courses are preceded by an intensive company orientation and a participant survey, to ensure that the training is relevant and, more importantly, related to the environment in which those being trained operate. Proximities prepares!

Management & Coordination

In order to keep up with the dynamic Global Security & Risk Management demands we offer our customers a range of management & coordination services. 24/7 monitoring provides relevant Situational Awareness. Responsive capacity is globally nearby to react and contain any incident that occurs. Awareness regarding upcoming or current situations and knowing where your personnel is located is key. Proximities provides customized forecasting, monitoring and response services. Proximities unburdens!

Risk Auditing

Proximities can help you reduce your security risks by supporting you in implementing a security management standard that may be applied throughout your organization. Your risk-exposure is identified and assessed by our auditors who will, amongst other things, scrutinize your security management system, your company risk- and threat assessment process, your ability to pre-empt and withstand intentional, unauthorised act(s) designed to cause harm or damage and – should you be working in nations far and wide – how you might implement the United Nations’ Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Proximities implements!







About us

Experience Counts

We are a Dutch risk consultancy company that enables companies worldwide in doing effective and secure business in challenging environments. Our mission is to create Peace of Mind for all staff involved in operations in foreign environments. Proximities’ team of specialized consultants, project managers, partners and associates are experts on a wide range of risk consultancy related matters, built up through careers in the military, special forces, diplomatic and intelligence services, as well as in journalism, finance and commerce.

From the heart of the Netherlands, we coordinate our large-scale global network of qualified security & risk management partners. Our specialists operate in all kinds of challenging corners of the world, including the Middle-East, Central Asia, Latin America and Africa. Currently, we are active in more than a dozen countries, including Pakistan, Turkey, Israel, Iran, Iraq, South Sudan, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Brazil and Mexico. On top of that, we are able to deploy staff to multiple countries on a short notice.

Track Record

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Proximities B.V. is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK. 60219475)




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