Exciting news: our new Proximities website is now live!

Over the past months, we've been working  intensively transforming our brand to better reflect our commitment to navigating the complex landscapes of today's world. Proximities has grown significantly over the last eight years, in both our proposition as well as in our capabilities & capacity. This enables us to support our clients in bespoke and in-depth advise.

We are happy that we have become the go-to party in translating global risks into actionable solutions. Dynamic developments require a similar look & feel.

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Our rebrand introduces a fresh take on our logo - an evolved eagle symbolizing our ability to soar above, yet dive into the nitty-gritty details crucial for our clients' success. Go and look at the updated website to explore the new color schemes, font styles, and dynamic visual elements that signify our commitment to connecting the dots for our clients.

So what?

The world has changedsignificantly since our last website update in 2018. Geopolitical and security risksinterfere in daily business. Because of this, organizations increasingly facerapidly shifting global dynamics that can make or break their futures. Ourrevamped website and brand are a testament to our dedication to translatingglobal risks into actionable solutions.

What now?

While this transformationmarks a significant milestone for Proximities, our client-first commitmentremains the same. Huge thanks to our incredible team, clients, and partners foryour steadfast support. In the near future you can expect more insightfulgeopolitical analyses and impactful studies. We're just getting started - staytuned for more to come!