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Creating leverage in complex business environments
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Creating leverage in complex business environments


About the client

An international organization that specializes in offshore systems, aimed at improving platform operations within the Oil & Gas industry. These offshore systems play a crucial role in projects involving support vessels for activities like accommodation, maintenance, or construction.

With its established global presence and local track record, the client can ensure the secure and dependable transportation of personnel to offshore assets. The client has a variety of assets that it leases out to vendors, ranging from high-value assets to more common assets.

The opportunity

Due to geopolitical tensions, our client faced a contract dispute with an international vendor. Negotiations had reached an impasse. The vendor refused to pay a termination fee and ultimately hijacked our client’s business-critical assets.  

The client asked us to assist in locating the assets, confirming the contract violation and creating negotiation leverage that would resolve the dispute. Additionally, the client requested extra information about the vendor that would benefit their negotiation position.

We were asked to trace the location ofthe valuable asset, that had now gone dark

What we did

We first organized a client session with their management and legal team to align on the scope of the project and determine the desired end-state. Then we got to work. We located the assets that went dark, using our intelligence capabilities and our unique layering of sensors. We presented our findings to the board in preparation for the planned negotiations with the vendor.

Meanwhile, we mapped the relevant ecosystem of the rogue vendor. We explored their financial ties and profiled persons of interest. We filtered out the relevant content and further investigated the most relevant findings.

The outcome

By providing competitive intelligence, we gave our client a unique edge in navigating a complex global business environment. We helped them in localizing and preparing for asset recovery and in dealing with the contract dispute, our client gained a strong negation position. We proved to be a reliable partner that gave invaluable research capabilities in a high-stakes environment.  

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