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Our story
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Our purpose and standing are shaped by our people and our story.

How Proximities was born

The odd sight

In a city torn by civil war, Dutch Special Forces officer Daan spotted a rare sight: two businessmen, immaculately dressed but in danger. Intrigued, he swiftly got them to safety. These men were utterly unprepared for the risks they faced, leaving Daan both puzzled and concerned.

From observation to action

This stark difference between military and civilian preparedness surprised Daan. Realizing both shared common risks in volatile environments, he sensed an opportunity. In 2014,  he created Proximities. Daan's vision? Enhancing resilience for businesses with military-grade preparedness for global success.

We help you
mitigate risk

by answering
crucial questions

Based on the key areas of any organization, which are People, Assets, Information, and Reputation (P.A.I.R.), we ask probing questions and provide actionable for our clients.

Our team

Meet the team of professionals and experts who help mitigate the global risks faced today.

Daan Brink
Managing Partner

Daan Brink brings over 20 years of experience in Dutch special forces and intelligence. His extensive operational background informs his hands-on advice and sharp analyses for Proximities clients, reflecting a commitment to their success.

Hans van Delft

With senior roles at major logistics firms, including CCO at DHL Express Benelux, Hans excels in business improvement, management development, and aiding businesses through organizational changes on multiple levels.

Tom Leijte

Tom is a seasoned researcher and licensed private investigator. He is responsible for ensuring that our screenings remain the highest-quality employment checks. Before Proximities, he was chairman of a national political youth organisation.

Jim de Boer
Managing Consultant

Jim has 20+ years experience as an officer at the Royal Dutch Army, where he was active in multiple operations in crisis areas. The work he did varied from different combat jobs to gathering, analyzing and processing intelligence.

Rosa Voulon

Rosa brings 15+ years of information analysis experience for policymakers, diplomats, and military leaders. She has worked in diverse roles within Dutch military and national agencies.

David Vonk

With 15+ years of experience, David has served in operational, managerial, and instructional roles for Dutch military and national agencies. He has global experience in collecting, processing, and analyzing information crucial to our clients.

Robin Lydall
Director Intelligence

Robin leverages 25 years of government security expertise. Focused on global risk and security, he leads the intelligence team in translating complex insights into effective strategies bridging analysis with real-world execution.

Joram de Leeuw van Weenen
Strategy Director

Joram has over a decade experience working in large consultancy and agency firms. As a versatilist, he combines his skills in strategy consulting and creativity with in-depth knowledge of risk advisory and security.

Petra de Jong
Director Intelligence & Data

With over 20 years of experience in various roles within defense intelligence and a background in geospatial intelligence and data analysis, Petra brings extensive knowledge on how to best transform data into actionable intelligence.

Ruben van Loon
Risk Intelligence Analyst

Ruben, with an International Relations background focusing on Middle East terrorism, has a comprehensive understanding of security from both theoretical and operational perspectives.

Sylvia van Es
Manager of Business Support

Sylvia oversees our global back office operations, drawing from her experience at the Royal Dutch Consulates and Embassy in various locations. Her role is vital for our company's daily operations at Proximities.

Anthony Wedding
Business Support Manager

Anthony offers top-tier IT advice to clients, helping implement projects effectively across various sectors, thanks to his extensive project portfolio.

Samantha Bartels
Risk Intelligence Analyst

Samantha, who has a background in International Relations and Military Strategy, specializes in Middle Eastern politics and organized crime. She has expertise in intelligence and security, especially non-state actors’ threats.

Scott Petrulis
Risk Intelligence Analyst

Scott, with 12 years in specialized military and intelligence units across the globe, informs decision-makers in defense and security agencies. He holds a First-Class Honors Degree in Intelligence and International Relations.

Diana Lam
Office Support Manager

Diana supports in streamlining operations and enhancing productivity, making sure everyone at Proximities is set up for success.

Hans Horan
Risk Intelligence Analyst

Hans is a Cyber Threat Intelligence and Senior Geopolitical Risk Analyst with a specialisation in the Asia-Pacific region. He has an expertise in international relations, policy research, and economic analysis with a focus on Japan and the Koreas.

Vincent Noteboom
Risk Intelligence Analyst

He specializes in climate risk, cyber security, and finance. His extensive experience at the EU and the ISA showcases his expertise in policy and geopolitical analysis. With a talent for synthesizing data, conducting research, and offering insights.

Chiara Buffa
Risk Intelligence Analyst

Chiara supports the team in providing security risk management services and investigations through the theory of risk, based on the tenets of probability, impact and vulnerability.

Christiaan Harinck
Risk Intelligence Analyst

Christiaan, with 9 years of experience in academic research and teaching, now serves our clients by analyzing, and advising on, the tangled web of politics and activism, international relations, war, and security threats. He holds a PhD in History.

Jaïr Kremers
Junior Risk Intelligence Analyst

Studying Crisis and Security Management, Jaïr is supporting the Proximities team during a 6-month internship. With a specialization in Intelligence and National Security, he is motivated to put his theoretical understanding into practice.

Arthur Craane
Associate - Security Officer

Arthur, our Security Officer in Juba, leverages extensive military experience to ensure safety and support of our client operations in South Sudan.

Rens van Mierlo
Associate - Senior Consultant Intelligence & Investigations

Rens, a former naval officer with 39 years' military experience, focused on military intelligence for 18 years in various global missions. Now, he conducts employment screening interviews for our clients.

Vincent van Ophem
Associate - Senior Consultant Intelligence & Investigations

Vincent is a former VP in the oil industry and fluent in Arabic. He is an experienced international HR professional who has worked in Syria, Gabon, Dominican Republic, UK and the Netherlands.

Dingeman van der Steenstraten
Associate - Partner

Dingeman, a 'Swiss army knife,' combines Dutch military experience as a scout officer and pilot. His expertise in risk spans operations, safety, and compliance. He manages transformation, advises on risk, blending strategic and operational support.

Henno de Kruijk
Associate - Partner

Henno runs our associate office in Kuwait. He has worked as a military officer, senior advisor and researcher. From Kuwait, he supports our customers in the region by identifying and mitigating security risks.

Hugo Blom
Associate - Partner

Hugo, an ex-Naval officer, specializes in maritime security, designing and auditing systems. With an MA in Defence Studies and experience at Shell, he offers unique insights into security challenges. He has a substantial security-related network.

Lars Askvig
Associate - Partner Norway

Lars, with a background in the Norwegian Coastal Ranger Commando, ventured into humanitarian, emergency, and crisis management arenas. His approach combines innovation with practical solutions, promoting effectiveness and adaptability in his work.

Michael Weistra
Associate - Partner Norway

Michael is a former Dutch Armed Forces officer & intelligence operative. As a Senior Security Advisor in a Norwegian consultancy firm, he excels in crisis management. With a hands-on approach, Michael simplifies complexities for effective solutions.

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Why we exist

In an era where security is as fluid as the currents of innovation and geopolitics, falling behind is not an option. Proximities was founded on the understanding that the modern world demands state-of-the-art safety standards.

Daan Brink

Managing Partner